Privacy Policy

To explain the Company’s basic view on treatment of personal information

GLO LASER CENTRES (“The Company”) strives to appropriately manage and protect any personal information that the Company holds by adhering strictly to laws regarding the protection of personal information, guidelines from the appropriate authorities, our own privacy policy and applicable in-house standards.

1.  When acquiring personal information, the Company commits to acquire information by legitimate and honest means having first clarified the utilization purpose.

2.  In circumstances other than those recognized by law, the Company uses personal information only for utilization purpose*2that the Company has defined and determined.

3.  The Company employs necessary and appropriate measures to ensure the safe management of any personal information that it has acquired.

4.  With the exception of circumstances determined by this policy , the Company does not share personal information with third parties.

5.  The Company responds appropriately if an individual contacts the Customer Inquiry Desk , to query, amend, cease usage, prevent provision to a third party or delete personal information.

1. The definition of “personal information” handled by the Company
Personal information is information that can identify any one individual such as his/her name, address or telephone number. The personal information handled by the Company includes information about our customers, shareholders, applicants for recruitment opportunities and our executive officers, directors, and employees (including but not limited to full-time employees, temporary employees, contract workers, and part-time personnel).

2. The definition of “utilization purposes”
The Company uses personal information provided for the following purposes:

Personal information from customers

  • To respond to, confirm or record queries, requests for advice, refinements or support.
  • To provide invitations or information about products via email, services or upcoming campaigns, etc.
  • To deliver products
  • To improve or refine product development and other services.

Personal information from job applicants

  • To contact the individual concerned and provide information about the Company’s operations and employment.
  • Job applicant information management including creation of records in the selection process.
  • Other uses necessary to employment and recruitment activities.

Personal information from employees

  • Business communication
  • Remuneration payments (wages, bonuses, family-care leave, and other benefits)
  • Various personnel and labor management procedures (pensions, labor insurance, etc.)
  • Welfare provision
  • Healthcare

*The use of Cookie functions on the website

The technology to record the activities of visitors to a website onto computer hard drive is called “cookies”. Some pages on the Company’s website use cookies in order to make it easier for people to use the website. If the user has changed the settings on his/her computer to disable cookies, then the user may not be able to access some of the services offered by the Company on the website.

In addition, the Company does sometimes use cookies for independent investigation of general customer usage of the website without specifying the particular individual.

3. The provision of personal information to third parties
The Company does not share personal information with third parties, except in the following circumstances:
1.  When agreement has been obtained in advance from the individual concerned.
2.  Other cases recognized by law, including:

  • When necessary to protect life, body or property and consent from the individual cannot be obtained.
  • When entrusting the whole or partial management of personal information to a third party for the achievement of the previously noted utilization purposes.
  • The provision of personal information in the case of a succession of operations such as a merger, etc.

4. The Company’s personal information Customer Inquiry Desk
Regarding personal information used jointly with Related Companies, upon receipt of any request from an individual to query, amend, cease usage or delete personal information, we follow prescribed procedures to respond swiftly having first confirmed that the request originates from the individual him/herself. To find out who to contact regarding personal information, please go to our Customer Inquiry Desk on the Company website.

The Company reserves the right to change or revise this policy without prior notice to incorporate any changes in its procedures for protecting personal information or any regulatory changes.