Nourish – Day & Night Moisturiser


A Moist-Have for Your Skin

Sensitive, normal, mature, dry & dehydrated skin

After cleansing routine, apply to face & neck day and night.
Oily skin: apply a thin layer 3 times a week (less if skin is congested)
Normal / Sensitive skin: apply a layer day and night
Dehydrated / Mature skin: apply a thicker layer day and night

Avoid direct contact on any pimples or acne.


Nourish is here to restore what age, lifestyle and nature is slowly taking away. Infused with hyaluronic acid and many other deeply hydrating, natural ingredients, it leaves your skin feeling fresh and youthful. Acting as a multivitamin for the skin, it prevents dryness and wrinkles and relieves any feeling of tightness. Nourish contains highly pure Trehalose Algae which naturally brightens and moisturises, as well as Guava, Rose and Lotus for soothing, calming and hydrating.


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