Clear Protect – Acne Sunblock SPF35


The Stuff that Acne-Free Dreams are Made of

Acne, acne prone & oily skin

Apply to cleansed face each morning after moisturiser. Reapply as needed to cleansed face. Double cleanse at night.

Clear Protect is not waterproof, so reapplication is needed if exposed to water. It’s important to maintain your home skin care and hydration routine during the use of Clear Protect to ensure maximum results.


It’s a fact: no sun protection can do what this can do – improve and protect at the same time. Clear Protect is a completely unique gel sunblock designed for acne, acne prone and oily skin. It actually helps to improve pimples and reduce oil production without clogging your pores. It’s a long-lasting, Broad Spectrum SPF 35 protecting you from all the sun’s harmful rays, and it contains anti-bacterial, anti-irritant and anti-allergic ingredients which help to reduce inflammation and calm the skin.


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