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A Visit to glo

At glo, we know how hard it can be to maintain a schedule for your skin care. That's why all of our Centres are located in places you already frequent, and no appointment is necessary. It's fast, easy and convenient.

Your Consultation

At glo, a consultation is not an opportunity to sell, it’s an opportunity to identify your skin concerns and design a customized treatment for your skin – after all, we may be the experts in SKINFIX™, but nobody knows your skin better than you.

With our glo iPads, registration is quick + simple.  You’ll be in and out in no time!

Join the Queue

We’ve all sat in a waiting room for longer than we wanted to.  At glo, we value your time.  That’s why, at the end of your consultation, you’ll immediately enter the queue – most customers are seen within just a few minutes.

The best part? Next time you come, you can enter the queue on our glo app from wherever you are, so you can arrive just in time for your treatment.

Fast & Effective Treatment

After arriving in the treatment room, your Specialist will review your skin concerns and objectives with you.

After cleansing your skin, she will even show you how the laser feels on your hand before she begins.  Your SKINFIX™ treatment will take only 15 minutes and you can look forward to a clearer, brighter, younger looking you.

At glo you get the benefit of our unique combination Laser and Light (IPL) treatment that is proven to have significantly better results that laser alone.


Take as much time as you need to refresh in our private, mirrored area.  Your skin will feel cleaner immediately after treatment and will continue to brighten over the coming days.

Good to Glo!

You are on your way and the results are clear.  Treatment at glo will not only leave your skin feeling fresh and radiant, but will also help protect problems from reoccurring.

At glo, you won’t have to worry about losing your day during treatment. Our treatment is fast, affordable, and effective.

It’s easy to get started. Just give us a call at  +60 (0)3 2280 0205 or visit one of our locations.

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